Sunday, October 14, 2012

Don't you get jealousy to see a little kid speaks english fluenty? Indonesian kid not a native. She uses english for speaking with her parent, and her parent use english as well, for sure.

We are not that lucky, our parent never use english at home and we were born in a family who use bahasa indonesia only. Moreover some parents use traditional indonesian language such as bahasa sunda, bahasa java and others traditional indonesian languages.

We can be lucky as lucky as that little girl. Speaking english is something that we can learn. We can master in english by learning and practicing. And we can make our kids as lucky kids, because we can teach them speaking english from the beginning.

We have been learning english since junior high school, perhaps some members of this class have been learned from elementary school. At least we have basic in english.

What a lucky employees we are, we have boss who care about english. Sajangnim used to hire a native english teacher for us, unfortunately we didn't use that chance. And since june, he has started an office-english class and tought us by himself. We can imagine how busy he is in managing and controlling this office, but he spends his valuable time for us. For 1 objection, to make us improving english.

Iam sure all of us will use this opportunity optimally. We will not take "has no time to learn" as a reason. We have time to learn in class, and practise in our own activities. Writting email, conversation with friends, talking to your kids, talking to the mirror, listening to the music, watching movies, uhmm I cannot give watching cnn news as one of pracitising way, as it is still too hard for me:d.

We have chance and we have way, so we have no way to say " I cannot speak english".

Learning english is easy, isn't it?

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