Monday, September 3, 2012

i have something new, and it is so me!. uhmm seems everything is always so me:p, sorry.

about fashion, and i see often on the magazine, mix and match for top bottom shoes bag and accesories. it is fun and interesting, but i never know that there is web which we can do just like in magazine.

it is Polyvore, when i read a blog from Mimi G. and she introduced her girl new blog, and you know that girl in 14th will be a fashion blogger as Mimi G, her mom. Wow.

and here i go, i was starting to collect all the items from top to toe. and my first polyvore was done, then my 2nd , my 3rd and i just finished my 4th polyvore.

you know, the feeling is just like you are in fashion store. you can choose what you want and need, the difference is no money needed here hahahaha, but it is all in price from the real store, and it is millions.

then you bring home your selected items, store it all in your room, then choose it upon going. i still learn on it:d.

no money needed here, but you can fullfill your desire:p.

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