Thursday, September 20, 2012

It is happiness for everyone.

I released one big burden off  my shoulder, in a way that I never think can be that good.

Alhamdulilah, I can feel His guidance in my way. At first I couldn't find a way how to tell sajangnim about releasing operation team from mine. Sajangnim needs a good reason and explanation for sure, and I don't want to tell sajangnim what I feel about dino's performance in my eyes.

And if there is no other way than telling him the truth, I will ask dino to join in my meeting with sajangnim. It will be fair. The result can be fifty fifty. Uhmmm...

I kept thinking and found that beside I run services team, I can learn and do HR job, as we still have no HRD. I can learn by reading books.

Aha! I remember sheila, she is a HR manager and took a HR course last year. She gave me reference for the training centre, from google I got complete information about it. Thanks shei!.

And it is the way, the best way. I discussed with sajangnim about that training schedule and releasing operation team.

He agreed with me and satisfied about taking a HR training. Alhamdulilah.

Dino is happy for that promotion, he will be the same level with me, not under my leadership.

Sajangnim is happy, QCN will have a trained HR person and he thinks that having an employee who always want to learn about something new is cool.
I am happy, I will be free from operation team and learn more about HR.

It will be good for everyone, insya allah. Thanks Allah for the way.

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