Friday, September 14, 2012

This morning, I had to go to gramedia first for buying 2 sets of english book, there is new stundent in our in-office class. I reached there at around 9:00AM, and they will open at 9:30AM.

It was not first time for me to reach a store before open. I had carrefour and harvest before. Have you reached a store before open?.

It is called part of service I think, all the crews will stand steady, tidy and greet to their first customer.

It feels like you are a celebritist, you were walking and they nodded their heads, giving big smile and greeting you. Sure, you have to give a good response by greeting them back and giving your best smile, and waving hands will be great hihi.

In gramedia, they give us more, all the crews stand until the corner of store, you can imagine how busy I am to respond them. I really appreciate it as they appreciate to their first customer.

It is called service.

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