Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Iam not a perfumed woman. The last pieces I have as my birthday gifts from ami and mita, it was years ago.

As I remember I have bought once, because of the box and bottle, yellow and sunflower. Ami has given me the same perfume, I think, but it was original one.


At detos, I found perfume on sale, a lot of branded perfume. I have checked before and I was interested in the box and bottle hehehe. The price is only idr 15.000. Price isn't a matter, hihi off course, very cheap.

So after office hours, I went to detos for buying some book, and visited that perfume booth. I tried to find the cutest bottle with nice smell. There was a lady beside me, very busy opening the box and throwing some stupid question to the SPG.

"Is it original?"
Weks, what she expected with that price
"Is it the same seller inside hypermart?"
"Which the nicest one?"
Yuck, how come you asked your favorite things from others?
"Which one for men?"
Hey lady! You can read and smell it
Then I shutted my ears from her voice, she kept throwing some question.

she opened a box then smell it, close it to the SPG's nose, asked for comment from SPG whom gave no comment, then to mine, I shoke my head and moved my body away.
"Why? Don't you want to smell it?"
I kept still and silent

I took 1 bottle and gave the money to waitress.
"don't you smell it before buying?"
"No need", I replied firmly
"Do you have it before"

I walked away and could see a big smile in SPG's face, grinning, and that lady kept in stupid face.

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