Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It seems I am too busy lately to post something in office. As you may know, I have in-office english class right now, sajangnim is the teacher. I love the way he teachs us, and his spirit and attention about our english ability. He wants us to be better in english, not just for doing work but for our personal skill.

Sajangnim has big attention in english, I know it very well, he keeps learning and you will get surprised to find how hard he learns and practices, shame on me.

And he does an online-teaching not only for students but for lecturers in korea. Everyday he listens to internantional tv and make the transcript, then he posts to learning english web. He collects a lot of stories and save it well. It is hundreds of thousand stories.

He saves a lot of movie and make the transcript as well.

He makes his own vocabulary and dictionary, he edits a lot of magazine and news and make the revision.

It is amazing. For korean people, I am sure that he is the best english speaker, gosh he speaks as fluently as native speaker.

And he doesn't want to be the best, but he wants us to be the best as well, he prepares our lesson everyday and teach us with his kind of heart.

Thank you sajangnim, we do appreciate for everything you do for us.

God bless you and your family. Aamiin

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