Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A true friend, I am sure even sometimes we cannot get a true friend from tens friends we have.

There is natural selection to get a true friend, from times, events and experiences. It will be selected naturally, from tens to 5, and the fact that 5 is not the true one.

At first, I think they are selected, friends whom we can share joy and sorrow, understand and know more than others, but now sorry that I can say that is jurk!. It sounds too rude, but it is.

Now, nature selects that 5 into 4. The 4 who can raise a honour of friendship, who put the value of friendship in the highest place, who can place a friend in the good place inside heart.

It is selected naturally.

It is hard to let a friend go, but it is as her pleasure. I will not hold her hands anymore, as her wish.
For the reason that I have never known.

It is selected naturally. All the best.

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