Sunday, September 9, 2012

I like reading. Kading - my bro and papi who introduce books since I was a kid.

I like writing as well, and I think it was influenced by reading. Iam not good at writing, but at least I enjoy it very much. And I write on my own way, I realize sometimes words which I picked it is unsual.

Well, I am out of topic. Iam writing about tahta mahameru, I finished reading it last nigh at 1:00am, well it was not a night actually.

I always read a book, the interesting one, only few hours, 2-3 hours. I will not stop until the last words.

I took this book, because I love the setting and the roles, it is about semeru mountain and the climbers.

The author presented the book in his own way, there are 3 roles, raja ikhsan, faras and mareta. And in every chapter, each role will tell a story from their side. For instant, mareta is very easy going woman, the author will use gue elu, raja ikhsan and faras use saya kamu.

Uhmm it seems hard for me to describe about this book in english.

Well, I give up and will tell you about it in bahasa indonesia later on.

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