Thursday, August 30, 2012

I got suprise with I face before and after office yesterday.

I was on the motorcyle with jibril and ihsan, mom gave me some money for bus hehe what a nice mom I have, right?. It was piece of good 2000s, at once I gave to jibril, he took it very fast from my hand.

He hold it on the motorcyle, while we were talking someone yelled behind me.

"Mam, your kid's money just dropped", he handed over that 2000, and he hitted a motorcyle in front.
It was so sudden, but I still have time to see his face, well.. handsome.
"Ow sorry, thank you", I replied and nodded my head deeply.

It was something, he took time for doing that on the road. I really got surprise

Moreover, ihsan said actually his direction againts ours, he took time to turn and back to his direction. I have to say WOW for his care.

And after office, it's happened again. A man on motorcyle and well.. Handsome.

I wore my green jumpsuit, I think it is in regular size, not the lebay melambay one. And someone tried to reach my ojek.

"Mam, watch your dress, it can be stucked on the weel", he said nicely. And I could see his handsome face clearly.
"Ow, thank you", I gave a smily reply, and hold tight my suit.

2 handsome and nice men in a day. What a wonderful day.

I wish I could bring them home hihi.

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